Thank you for financially giving to what Jesus has done at Centre Church this past year. Without you the work that is happening would not be possible. As I think about the thousands of people who have heard the gospel in one of our Weekend Services or Kids Central classrooms to the women who have gathered at a Her Collective event, I am in awe of all that God has done. It has been an amazing year in which we’ve seen so many people transformed by Jesus, and it’s because many of you have been faithful and generous in your giving to Centre Church.

This year’s giving projections have been reached so far, so thank you! As a result of many faithful women and men, we have seen more people come to know Christ, be baptized, come to church for the first time and hear the message of Jesus then in our previous two years as a church.

Due to a 21% increase in attendance over the past quarter, we are also looking at the expansion of a second service in the coming new year. With this in mind we are anticipating some larger expenses as we prepare for the next season of ministry to our community and city at large. This is exciting as God is preparing us to open up more room for those in Surrey who are to come and who currently call Centre Church home. 

So, this is just a reminder to all of us in the midst of a busy season of life, that we want to end the year strong. If you could help us do that, maybe making up for giving that hasn't happened this year, or just prioritizing Centre Church as you look to give generously before December 31, that would be huge.

Thanks again for all you are doing! I am so excited to see where God leads us in 2018!

In Christ,


Josh Loeve - Lead Pastor