With every New Years, I feel a tremendous pressure to have goals, make plans, and ensure that I’m most successful for the upcoming year. At times, I can be unsure the specific reason I need to do these things and sometimes when I’m honest with myself I do certain habits, because word on the street being that this how you get the best results. Now, I’m not advocating for eliminating goals or for abdicating a plan, more so I want to stress that goals for the sake of goals are generally silly and the addiction to success, whatever one’s definition may be, is unsatisfying and often leaves me unfulfilled.

This past year I took a Birkman Assessment Test, which as a side note was one of the first helpful personality tests I’ve ever done. The helpful aspect of the asses my leadership style/personality, how I can best communicate to those around me I interact with and how I view the world in contrast to everyone else. What saddened and shocked me about an aspect of the results was that I scored highest in the area of challenge. Basically, this means that I constantly shoot for the moon with everything and challenge myself intensively to achieve what I’ve set up to achieve. As with most personality traits, this has an upside and a downside. The upside being that I will always strive for the highest level of achievement and the downside being the same with the only difference being that I will do whatever I can to be successful, no matter the cost. Spiritually, the desire to be successful, paired with the attitude of ‘no matter the cost’ has been deadly, but this is a year of change.  

As Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old is gone, the new is here!” The point being is that Jesus has already done the heavy lifting of life change in me and the most crucial part is that I work from knowing that I’m made new, not that I have to earn my newness. No earthly success, achieved goal, or recognition could ever add to who he has recreated me to be and will not bring lasting fulfillment like Christ. So this year, I am choosing to focus on working from the knowledge that I am excepted rather than trying to earn God’s acceptance through what I do in my life. My security lies not in the work of my life, but in the knowledge that I am new in Jesus. My prayer for you today is that despite all of your aspirations, goals, and agenda’s that you would know who’s you are and not try to work for God’s love or favour, but rather from it.  

PRAYER FOCUS: Pray today that God would help you live from a place of security and completeness knowing that you're new in him. If you haven't made Jesus your Saviour, pray today for Jesus to come into your life and make all things new.