The person of Moses and the story of the Israelites are both fascinating and significant. Today, we live in a world with much uncertainty. The tense political climate to the south, the trafficking of humans for profit, the volatile economy, the rise of ISIS, the destructive natural disasters and the many in the world starving or without water can overwhelm and create fear. When we look at all that is happening we might be tempted to ask "where is God in all of this? If there is a God does he not care? If he does, why doesn't he do anything to change what is taking place?"

Starting on June 5th Centre Church will be beginning a new message series called 'Exodus', which will focus on the life of Moses and the people of Israel. The book of Exodus (a word meaning "departure" or "going out") was written by Moses around 1440-1400 BC. It recounts the release of the Israelites from many years of terrible slavery in Egypt.

Now, you might be asking, "what does a 3000 year old book have to do with our current reality? What inspiration or encouragement are we going to find in an ancient book?" Well, as we look further into the life of Moses and the oppression of the people of Israel, we discover that many of the Israelites lived with these similar fears and questions towards God. The Israelites had cried out to God and for a long time it appeared that God was silent. Yet Exodus is not marked by God's indifference. Rather, Exodus is a story of God's ability to redeem and rescue his people from their current, dire reality. As for us, whether our bondage is physical or spiritual, we are reminded that God is our great rescuer. God rescues his people through the help of Moses, whose story foreshadows an even greater rescuer to come, Jesus. 

Over this four week series we'll look at various passages from the book of Exodus while learning valuable lessons and helpful insights from this incredible story to give hope to our reality. Come join us as we journey with Moses and the people of Israel, as they encounter God their great deliverer. 

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