As we continue our series at Centre Church, How To Be Brave, we are tackling the area of margin this week. One of the five storms that we create in our lives is not giving ourselves enough breathing room to enjoy life and do the things which God has set before us to do. Moses, in Psalm 90:13, writes, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (NIV). What Moses is saying is, time is our life and life is our time. What we spend our time on will be the summation of our lives. This may seem very basic, but the truth is that we can let days, months, years, and decades go by without intentionally spending our time on the things we want most from our lives or that we most value. When we recognize that our time on earth is not unlimited, it challenges us to live purposefully with the limited time we have. 

I encourage you today to not simply let life happen, but intentionally make decisions to spend your life on the things that you most value. We get anxious when we’re stressed, when our schedules are maxed out, and when we don’t purposely use our time on things we value. This week at church we’ll talk more about what God desires for your time and finances here on earth and how to decrease the anxiety in our lives by intentionally creating our schedule and finances around the things we value most. So if you know someone or hear someone talking about stress with finances or their schedule, invite them out to Centre Church on Sunday. I know they'll thank you for doing so!

Looking forward to a great weekend and for you to come join us!


Josh Loeve - Lead Pastor

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