My thoughts were keeping me up early this morning. Had to jot a few things down and thought I'd share here too:

Why Church?

Because there is life in the community. Because there is home in the belonging. Because there is purpose in the gathering. Because it is for all. Because it is the messy and the renewed intertwined. Because it is a startling counter-culture kingdom of hope, faith, joy. Because it exists to lavish, to give. Because it is part of creating and making new. Because hope shines here. Because Jesus is love, and this love needs unified hands, feet and voices. 

Why Clayton?

Because my heart is drawn to engage with those whose roots are planted alongside. Because of families, neighbours, streets, schools, parks and rows and rows and rows of dwellings in a community I love. Because of the alone, in coach houses and basement suites. Because even in our proximity, there is isolation. Because we see divorce, single parenting, alcholism, drug use and domestic violence, to name only that which is obvious. Because no one else should be responsible for my community. Because Jesus asked me to put His light on my hill. This is my hill.

Also, this is where I live, where I love, where I lay my head, where my children play, where I cry, where I meet people, where my children learn, where I see need, where I create a meal, where I gather with friends, where my babies were born, where I create beauty, where I create friendship, where I share a meal, where I am part of community, where I wave to people driving by, where my children grow, where I am seen by others, and where I am a neighbour.

Destiny is wife to Joshua and mom to Ruby, Sophie, Jude and baby (due Dec/14). She alternates between stay-at-home mom and Pediatric nurse. She loves the season fall, Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and meeting new friends and neighbours.