You Asked for it series

One of the major problems with the church is that it has been obsessed with answering questions that no one is asking.  

People are not showing up week in and week out wanting to know what happened to the goat in Leviticus, what the significance of the Ark of the Covenant is or with the desire to really break down the peccability/impeccability issue in regards to Jesus.

People want real, practical help with their lives.  They want to know if the Bible can be trusted, if God is real...and if so then could He help out with a busted up marriage, a child that is out of control or the fact that a job loss has created unbelievable financial stress in the home.  

So, we are asking you to submit questions about what you would REALLY like to dive into on a Sunday.  After we collect the questions, we'll sort them into categories and answer the most asked questions. 

This coming September, we begin what might be one of the most intense series we've ever launched at Centre Church and we invite you to be a part. Simply click the survey button and take a moment to fill out our survey questions. 


'You Asked For It' starts Sept.10th, 2017